Buying your child's first bass

Which Instrument should my child start on?

Many parents ask me, is the bass guitar is a good instrument to start on? They say things like "I've heard that piano is the best instrument to begin musical training". Is this correct?
I am a big supporter of music students obtaining keyboard skills. The piano is technically an easy instrument to start on. Curved fingers and good posture is all that a beginner needs to make an immediate sound.

Music theory training is easier to explain and understand using the piano as well. So there are many advantages to learning this instrument.
From my personal experience, I can tell you that the best instrument for you or your child to start on is the instrument that is wish for. If a child is disappointed at not being able to learn their chosen instrument, they will not take to it. They may even consider it a task.

A happy child is a productive student. 

When it comes to deciding on what's best for them, re music, give them what they wish for.  You just might find that the money spent on their chosen instrument is well worth it, because they will love it.
My first instrument at school was trumpet. I didn’t have the lips for it and the sound I made didn’t give me much hope. Thanks to my supportive parents they did not prevent me from playing the instrument of my choice, even though piano was heavily encouraged. I couldn’t get the guitar out of my hands.  Trumpet practise was painful.  Guitar practise was fun.
Music is play. Play is fun.

Let your child play an instrument that they are attracted to. Be sure to buy a good quality student instrument. The money spent on their chosen instrument will be worth it.