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If you're interested in taking bass lessons, I offer a 30 minute no obligation introductory lesson. This is more of a get to know each other session rather than a formal lesson. During this time you can fill me in on what your expectations are and you can get a feel for my approach. Play a little for me if you feel comfortable and I'll give you an idea of what we can achieve together. To get started on your first lesson contact me for a chat.



Knowledge Is Power

Theory is the cornerstone by which lessons are taught. Pupils excel when they know the reasons why. It’s not enough to instruct a pupil to do as I say. There is a strong reason for teaching the theory as well as the practical side of music making. For this reason, theory is taught and nothing is taught for teachers sake. Balance is of strong significance. Check out my iOS application at the Apple App Store to get started on Theory Of Music.

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Customized Lessons to Fit Your Needs

For anyone wishing a more intense learning approach, I have limited numbers available for advanced students at my Master Class sessions. Held at your location on the first Saturday of the month, these classes are geared to those who want to learn as much material in a single session. The class runs for a minimum of two hours with a small break. A notebook and recording device is required although handouts and website downloads are available after the course.  For further information, contact me.


Whether you are just starting out or honing old skills, Sydney Bass Lessons can teach you how to read and play music or just quickly learn to play your favourite songs. Contact me to get started.