Jeff Camilleri - Your Top Bass Guitar Teacher

I have been a music educator for over 15 years and a pro player for some 30 years. My passion is music theory and how theory applies in-particular to bass playing. This has led to write the course for the iOS Music Theory application, Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos.

After spending 15 years working professionally as a freelance musician I accepted a full time contract with Defence working with the Australian Army Band.

After 10 years continues service I am heading back into education and looking forward with gusto to helping bass players with all aspects of their development.
My previous full time teaching positions have included Director of Bass Studies at JMC Academy. My current teaching positions is at a prestege Boys college in Hunters Hill NSW. 

My bass method is refined yet not too difficult. Over the years I’ve taught students of varying degrees of musicianship. I don’t audition students but I do like to meet up first before starting lessons. If you have the passion, I’m happy to teach you. My lessons are focused and enjoyable. Thought has gone into developing my approach. As long as you have the will to get something out of your time with me, I’m happy to help you achieve what ever bass-playing goal you have.